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This is Chrystal.  She is the busiest girl behind the counter at my local Tim Hortons.  She is also my brush 

with greatness.  She's a bowler, figure skater, track and 

field competitor in 5 disciplines, and Special Olympian...

Whew!   She emailed me this beautiful pic of her showing the hardware at her track meet. Inspirational? You bet!

Toronto, GTA -Durham - Muskoka 

Be a tree hugger!


     Welcome to the live edge and reclaimed wood photo gallery!   


       The live edge wood used in my furniture is kiln dried #1 grade Ontario sourced wood.  My slabs are thick cut, and I use a variety of durable finishes, including Rubio Monocoat. 

      My live edge tables and desks are constructed from old growth h     hardwood for maximum beauty and durability. 

In order to support sustainability, I do not use endangered wood species.  In fact much of the wood used is from dormant trees, felled lumber, and from trees removed due to development or disease. 

       The reclaimed wood used in my tables is salvaged from very old buildings and structures in Ontario. Some of the wood dates back to the 1500's,   Still sporting some of the distress and tooling marks from days gone by, including the original square nail holes.  I love finding out about the origins of the material I use.   Often I am able to share the history of the wood with my client, where it's from, the vintage, and other interesting details about their table or desk.