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We have designed and constructed many different and unique custom staircases, We can work from your design, or design a staircase for your home or office. We have worked with many different materials, such as traditional wood, stained or painted, steel, aluminum, steel and wood, glass, and stone. Your staircase can become an attractive feature your home or office. Please email to schedule a consultation, or to discuss your ideas or plans. 

Let All Custom Additions & Carpentry add:
Crown and Step Moldings
Unique Baseboard & Casing Combinations
False Beams
Custom Staircases

We have used many wood species including oak, maple, cedar, kaya, cherry, birch and pine. We can suggest complimentary woods to give your home a unique, warm look while adding to its value.

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All-Custom-Carpentry has extensive experience in a variety of commercial buildings with specific structure and function, built to withstand the Canadian weather conditions in CA, whilst accommodating custom features and internal infrastructures.

Maximize your business potential by making your commercial environment the most comfortable, effective and efficiently constructed space.
Some of our Commercial Renovations include:
Office Remodelling,Tenant Fit Outs, Commercial Additions, Retrofits whilst occupied
Partioning and all aspests of Office Fitouts

Please contact us with your enquiry & we will be in contact with you.



This is our specialty, and we have designed and constructed over 40 in the Greater Toronto Area, Durham Region and even cottage country. We specialize in designing and constructing second and third storeys.
Adding a second story can effectively double your space, and our design experience will help you maximize your living areas. 
Not only do we have great ideas to share with you, more importantly, we listen to what you want and need. Our additions have ranged in sizes from a mere 100 square feet to well over 2,000 square feet!

Whether it's changing the exterior facade of your home to modernize the look and build curb-appeal, or if you have in mind to open up a wall and make one larger room from two smaller rooms, All Custom Carpentry has performed most every type of renovation that can be done to a home.  
We can custom fabricate a "funky" set of stairs that can't be ordered from a traditional stair builder, or design and install a beautiful kitchen with a one-of-a-kind countertop.
All Custom Carpentry has over 25 years  experience conducting residential renovations, from finished basements to high-end kitchens & bathrooms.  We can help you  get the most "bang for your buck" 

We have constructed literally hundreds of feet of floating docks, using only the best hardware and unsinkable foam-filled floats in pressure treated or maintenance free materials. We offer a delivery service and can install your dock for you, secure and anchor as necessary so that all you have to do is park your boat!

Single or multi-level maintenance free decks, Cedar and pressure treated decks are a snap for All Custom Additions and Carpentry. We have constructed well over 500 decks of all sizes and can suggest great ideas to accent your desires. We incorporate custom features into many of our decks, including items such as lighting, gates, planters, built-in benches and seating as well as overhanging structures. Think of it, and we can handle just about anything you can imagine!


We can install a beautiful kitchen backsplash, floor, unique tiles accent wall, a one of a kind stone tile staircase, and much more for a residential, or commercial application. Our design experience can help you choose the perfect tile, and we can often supply your chosen tile at a contractor's discounted price. We have installed tile in hundreds of kitchens, bathrooms, basements, offices and commercial applications over two decades, so we invite you to take advantage of our extensive experience, and attention to detail.



Canada is a vast country with many forests covering the land. The province of Ontario is blessed with both native hardwoods and softwoods that have been growing here naturally for thousands of years. Most people relate large wooded rural forests to the lumber supply that they know of nowadays and the barren land that is left behind from clear cutting that ravages wildlife that live within.

There comes the time when an urban tree needs to be removed from the growing location due to insects, disease, urban distress and development. Our work consists mainly of locally grown species such as Maple, Ash, Elm, Basswood, Oak, Poplar, Black Walnut, Cherry, Locusts and many others.  We also use species from other parts of the world such as Ipe, Acacia, Bubinga, and others.

Every table has God's Seal of Quality!

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  • Decks, Pergolas and Garden Structures
  • Custom Made Cottage Docks
  • Interior & Exterior Renovations
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  • Live Edge & Reclaimed Wood Tables